Piah's Dance Class


A Dancer's Workout

Welcome to a Dancer’s Workout series. This class is aimed at you getting a dancer’s lean and strong body, using advanced workouts and techniques focusing on flexibility and strength.

  • Starts: Mar 2, 2021


Class Details

  • Weekday Batch - Tuesday and Thursday : 8:30am - 9.45am
  • Weekend Batch - Saturday and Sunday : 8:30am - 9.45am 1 hour 15 minutes each class on Zoom.

Fee Structure

We are introducing three new billing options for all from May 2021 onwards.

Rs. 1800/- per month for 8 classes (Fixed Day Plan)

You can pick your most convenient days, either weekday, or weekend , or one weekday one weekend, you choose for yourself in the beginning of the month and come on those days only. This will be billed and valid only for that month.

Book class ₹1800

Rs. 2000/- per month for 8 classes (Weekly flexible plan)

Here can compensate for any missed class with any other class within that month (upto 8 classes) (billed and valid only for that month). E.g - if you miss a week or two, you can attend thrice the next two weeks to cover up for the same. Or however you like as long as you cover 8 classes for that month.

Book class ₹2000

Rs. 3000/- for 8 classes (As flexible as a contortionist Plan)

Just take 8 classes as you like and billing will only happen whenever the 8 classes are done. These will be valid for upto a year. 🤗

Book class ₹3000

Special Offer For Students

20% discount for college students with a Valid ID.

Why should you join?

If you are bored with the gym style workout, and want a workout that incorporates multiple forms of agility and fitness related workouts and have the opportunity to workout along with a community of women in your homes, then this class is for you.