Piah's Dance Class


Super Beginners Dance Class

Once a week , one hour each in a community setting that is fun, peppy and a space that will absolutely let your hair down and learn unique and clever tricks to look like better dancers while learning new techniques every week. This class is guaranteed to make you have fun and even learn a lot of new techniques in Bollywood dancing in the process.

  • Starts: May 5, 2021
  • Level: Easy
  • Style: Bollywood, Indian Folk, Freestyle
  • Fees: ₹1200


Why this class ?

Don’t we all need this one comfortable space in our lives where we can let our hair down, literally? Dancing has been known to be therapeutic and the best, easiest way to lose calories WHILE having fun. All of us love the idea of dancing, and this class is here to show that everyone in this world is capable of dancing, even if they think they might not be.

Who should join ?

Those who are shy of dancing, or who have had zero background in dancing. Even those who have danced earlier but have had a break can join these classes to brush up and boost their confidence in dancing.